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At the 2015 General Election we all have the power to influence the future. It's a moment of urgency, but also an opportunity to put the pressure on like never before to make the next Government protect our rights online.

Together we can:

  • Build a tool together which tells you where your local candidates stand on privacy and surveillance.
  • Run local hustings across Britain, together with other NGOs and charities to make sure you can ask your candidates tough questions on civil liberties.
  • Take part in a Don’t Spy on Us bus tour around the country to engage voters on surveillance.
  • Hold meetings with candidates to put digital rights in the minds of new MPs.
  • Create question guides so that you feel confident talking to your candidates about these issues.

But to do this we need your help. We need at least 300 people to join so that we have the capacity to start delivering this campaign.


Will you join, to protect democracy and force our political parties into a real debate?

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